Who are we

ROZE IN WIT Doctors for diversity

Who are we?

Pink in White stands for more visibility of LGBTI + in the healthcare sector. Both the board and our supporters are doctors, doctors in training and basic doctors. We are there for and by LGBTI + colleagues. In addition, we also have non-LGBTI + colleagues who believe it is important to make diversity more visible and support us in this. We are therefore not a separate or exclusive group, but want to be inclusive and thereby increase visibility.

The emergence

The run-up to the establishment of the RozeinWit foundation has a long history. The first ideas arose when we visited a foreign conference with a number of LGBTI + pulmonologists in May 2016. We had already talked about the position of LGBTI + doctors, but were given a boost when we had the opportunity to put an extra text on our name card at the conference with: LGBT community and our allies. Because of this we got into further conversation with each other and others about how important it is to be visible. How beautiful it was that they had created the opportunity for this visibility at this large congress. No, you do not want the emphasis to be placed on your orientation or gender. The point is that you are a good (lung) doctor. But yes, you also think it’s important to be visible. Certainly at a time when tolerance in the Netherlands is being tested and people from the LGBTI + community worldwide are being humiliated, abused, imprisoned and even killed. We talked about the fact that you can’t just go to every country in the world and that you regularly choose not to walk hand in hand or show other affection. You get feelers for it after you have been called several times or called after. And then we live in one of the most tolerant countries in the world. We also talked about the fact that we all thought carefully about whether or not to tell your orientation, and when. You are best in a dependent position as a (applying) doctor’s assistant. You never know beforehand whether colleagues are okay with it. Not from these negative experiences or thoughts, but from positive thoughts we knew for sure: we are going to organize an LGBTI + day. To be more visible to (starting) colleagues and also to patients that lung doctors in the Netherlands consider it important that there is diversity. Especially for people who struggle with their orientation or gender. How nice it is when someone feels: with this group of doctors it is okay how I am! Long live the diversity!


A year later, on 5 May 2017, an initial inventory meeting was held with Dutch LGBTI + pulmonologists (in training). During this meeting it appeared that a foundation such as RozeinWit is desired and needed. You can read more about this in the article that emerged in “The Young Medical Specialist” (Nov. 2017: 8.9)

The foundation

On March 20, 2018, the RozeinWit foundation was founded by pulmonologists Karin Pool, Geert Rootmensen and Chris Rikers. Co-assistants Megan Engels and René de Vries are soon affiliated and with that we consist of different generations of doctors. As stated, the aim is emphatically not to create a separate LGBTI + section to isolate ourselves or place ourselves in a special position, but because of the important visibility. It is also not just about LGBTI + colleagues themselves, but also about the colleagues who support it (straight allies).

V.l.n.r. secretary: Chris Rikers (pulmonologist Red Cross hospital), chairman: Karin Pool (pulmonologist Red Cross hospital), treasurer: Geert Rootmensen (pulmonologist Dijklander hospital), general board member: René de Vries (co-assistant Amsterdam UMC location VUmc), general board member: Megan Engels (co-assistant Amsterdam UMC location VUmc) Photo: Peter van der Wal photography


RozeinWit Foundation has ANBI (public benefit organization) status. This brings with it some tax benefits, so gifts and donations are deductible from the tax, if indicated in the transfer. Look here for more information. If you have any questions, mail to info@rozeinwit.nl.


The board of Stichting RozeinWit works unpaid, there are no employees employed by the foundation.

The foundation currently has no assets, but hopes to pay for the planned activities in the future with donations. An overview of how donations are spent will be published for donors in the future.

For the full annual report from RozeinWit, click here.

Mission and vision

Need LGBTI + people experience negative experiences every day. Our society is mainly hetero-normative and binary (male OR female). For example, when you walk hand in hand as a gay person, you know for sure that you will be scolded, checked or worse. Our society is also peppered with intended and unintended gay / transphobia. This is expressed in the form of jokes, abusive words, prejudices and is also common in films, video clips and games. Many non-LGBTI + colleagues will not realize this (which is beautiful in itself, because that says something about their own vision on this). However, it is our daily reality. This means that LGBTI + people are careful and have antennas: where can you safely come out for your sexual, gender or gender identity? That is why we believe that visibility can greatly contribute to a safer and more equal (read: LGBTI + friendly) workplace. We do not want this because it is very bad or unsafe now, but because it can be even better. It will also have a positive impact on LGBTI + patients.

Students and starting doctors Safety is very important for this group. As a starting doctor you are in a dependent and vulnerable position. Almost every starting physician tells us that you are very aware of whether you can talk openly about your partner, but we also hear these experiences from older doctors. Do you feel safe enough to say as a woman that you and your girlfriend have been out to dinner. This has to do with the aforementioned caution and antennas; it doesn’t have to be that your colleagues are not okay with it, but visibility will greatly support this. You no longer have to think about it. This is conducive to safety, cooperation and job satisfaction. The KNMG endorses our objectives for these reasons.

No separate group We do not want to form a separate group. The point is that you, as a doctor, partnership, hospital or national organization, indicate that you are LGBTI + friendly, because you realize that it is important for the above reasons. Our members consist of LGBTI + doctors and students, but also members who are not LGBTI +. We are inclusive and not exclusive. Our common goal is to support diversity. So it’s not directly about your own identity, but about wanting to contribute to visibility.

Standardization We also hope that with this we can contribute to the normalization of diversity within society as a whole. We also want to counteract the above-mentioned negative input from society.


Increasing the visibility of LGBTI + friendly doctors among themselves, thereby contributing to a safer working environment and standardization of diversity
Increasing visibility of LGBTI + friendly doctors to patients
Being the point of contact for doctors and students regarding LGBTI + related issues
Make and maintain contact with other LGBTI + interest groups where necessary

For the full policy plan of RozeinWit, click here.